in 03/2019 Exness just launched a new product : social trading. in just 3 month, the number of trader participating in this prgram has more than 30000. in forex, social trading isn’t something new. there have been many programs about signal copying: copy trade of MQL5, Etoro, Zulu Trade… So, what made Exness social trading so developed?


After a period of use and monitoring, I found that exness social trading is a very special program and is different from most publications of other companies. They create their own platform and set their own rules. For users, these changes are simpler and easier to use. Their platform target at true investors who don’t need to know how to trade, but they can apply their investment strategies as other forms of investment: trading commodities , trading stock.

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What is social trading?

Social trading allows investors around the world to keep track of the transactions of other investors (usually experts or professional traders). Social trading has the same principles as today’s social networks. And you can imagine them as a social network for investors.

Through brokers, Investors can Review the transactions of other investors and make a decision whether or not to copy that strategic process.

The purpose of basic social transactions is quite clear: to create convenience. And help investors learn more experience. Beginners often do not know how to properly use the indicators. Or do not fully understand the effects of events from the economic calendar. Therefore, they accept strategies and trends from more professional investors. Now, I will show you about forex social trading review


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What are the advantages of Exness social trading platform?

To start social trading with Exness, you need to go to the shared trading platforms of this broker. Like other shared trading platforms, Exness social trading platform is full of strategy providers as well as ranking tables for copiers to find out what they want easier. However, Exness gained some experience from other preceding brokers and made their shared trading platforms a lot better. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Exness platform:

Participating in social trading with exness, we will learn about the broker’s shared trading platforms. Like other brokers’ trading platforms, Exness social trading platform is full of strategic providers as well as copier charts to find what they want more easily. However, Exness has built a more complete, more friendly platform. Let’s explore the Exness platform:

It’s simpler than other platforms.

Exness social trading platform is very simple. They are aimed at inexperienced investors, or inexperienced investors who want to participate in foreign exchange investment. So the platform of exness does not show the details of the trading of signal providers (strategies) such as Stop Loss, Take Profit.

No Min volume.

Many were surprised, they could not believe that forex trading was so small. Because every trader knows that the minimum position volume is 0.01 for the best forex broker! But on social trading platform Exness breaks this limit! Investors can even copy the small position to 0.000000000001 lot USD.
This is really a great and useful thing for investors, because sometimes investors just want to try to see if a signal provider is effective, can achieve the criteria set out. . So they want to invest only a little money from the start, while signal providers Exness tend to send large amounts of money. So if Exness only allowed the lowest 0.01 copy volume as other brokers, investors could not copy 100% of their trailing strategy. And if so, it sometimes leads to losses if investors can copy those positions. So this is a very different change of exness, a major breakthrough in the social trading segment.

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Here is an example of principle of the copy: The copy is based on equity rate. If the strategy equity is $10,000 and your equity is $100, the copy rate is 1:100. It means that if the strategy opens a 0.01 lot, the copy is 0.0001.


Many strategies to follow

In 1 month, Exness had more than 60,000 active customers. And most of them are large and experienced traders (that’s why these 60,000 traders contributed about $ 500 billion in monthly trading volume), so there would be a lot of Many trading signals for investors to choose and cooperate.,…

The 6 filters Exness provides are:

  • The most copied strategies  check   Here.
  • Strategies with moderate risk check   Here.
  • Most profits per month   Check Here.
  • Most profits in 3 months   Check Here.
  • Strategies with low commission   Check Here.
  • New strategies   Check Here.



More high-quality strategies and traders

Judging by the transparency and quality of signal providers on exness social trading, I find that Exness strategy is much better and safer, for trading purposes.
On other social trading platforms, signal providers often aim to be at the top of the rankings and receive money from investors following their strategy. Therefore, they will do everything they can to deceive investors, as well as use many dishonest strategies to deceive investors, until their account is at a loss, they will again. Create another signal account to find new customers. Check if Exness has scams.

But at Exness, the purpose of a trader to trade for the sake of their trading. 60,000 active customers are real traders now. The exness traders are professional traders, big traders, so they deposit a lot. Their main purpose is trading for profit rather than selling signals. Therefore, they will trade safely and effectively, because their income is from their work. Therefore, they usually only have 1 to 2 trading accounts and they are traded for many consecutive years.

Check Exness Unlimited Leverage.

Exness การซื้อขายทางสังคม – Exness social trading

What are the disadvantages of Exness social trading?


Many investors have reflected with exness on a number of differences issues on the exness social trading system:
they cannot do it:

  • Check the equity,  Blance of the signal provider.
  • Check strategy’s risk management such as Stop Loss or Take Profit.

As I mentioned earlier, Exness offers a social trading platform product for new investors only, investors with little experience, or no experience in forex trading. Investors just need to grasp the balance between profits and risks. They will create their own portfolios by copying the strategies of signal providers.

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  1. Good, i haven’t time to trade. So i can use exness social trading to copy signal of other trader.
    I hope exness have good signal.

  2. I heard about the program of copying exness from friends a lot. Hope exness social trading will achieve good results. thank you.

  3. Good.
    I opened an account at exness social trading. and had positive results. Hope to be stable in the long run.

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