Which the forex broker is prestigious , The best forex broker in Thailand ? Currently, there are hundreds or even thousands of forex in the world, from regions in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Even Southeast Asia also has forex. Therefore, the question that traders always ask is: the most reputable forex in the world? The best broker forex in Thailand ?Which forex broker is the best? Which forex trading broker is best in ThaiLand? And How to find a broker that suits you in this forex market? How can find the best forex broker in Thailand? โบรกเกอร์ forex ที่ดีที่สุดในโลก, โบรกเกอร์ forex ที่ดีที่สุดในโลก. Now, We will check about Top 5 best forex broker in Thailand, ok!

Forex broker is a place for investors to conduct transactions connecting to centers, liquidity system of the forex market. The broker provides access to financial markets, helping to connect investors’ trading orders to major financial centers of the world. Prestigious forex brokers will have the standards and regulations set up and administered by those regional supervisory committees to create transparency in the forex market.

review โบรกเกอร์ Exness Thailand ฉบับเต็ม – วิธี เปิดบัญชี Forex กับ Exness อย่างละเอียด บัญชีเทรดจริง

Currently, Choosing and finding a reputable forex exchange to transact with one trader then if it’s easier said then easy,  but difficult to say, it is extremely arduous. Because, in the middle of a matrix of advertising information, referrals, from facebook, google, web, etc. You can see that every broker is good, every broker is the most prestigious through their own ads. So screening and choosing a suitable broker for yourself is an important thing for the first step when participating in the forex market.

Are websites with world rankings and reviews are reliable? I have to say that most of it is due to websites or exchanges, IBs themselves set up and assess in their favor.

With over 10 years of experience participating in the forex market. Experiencing many positions and roles such as: trader, transaction, commission, customer development, etc. And has participated in a lot of transactions, operating with many brokers around the world. I will advise, bring you useful information, the best and most effective advice for choosing a reputable and safe broker.

Top 5 best forex broker

What is Forex?

What is forex? Before stepping into understanding all the criteria of a broker, let’s find out what is forex? Trading in the foreign exchange market is a form of activity or can be known as a very challenging job. Because it is the most profitable job we can easily do. The scale of operations is global, with “products” being the world’s economies. The foreign exchange market is very large, bigger than any stock market or commodity futures market with the operation scale of over 10 trillion / day. And almost can not be priced.

The ratio of win / lose is also extremely large, can win or lose a fortune in a moment. In order to win, we have to learn, research, know about it a lot. as well as understand what the forex investment is, or what the forex market is like? Because forex investment is not a gamble, it is an intellectual investment channel, because today, the transactions of large organizations in the world, they not only use people but also use Supercomputer or artificial intelligence machines to participate in transactions. Therefore, we need to research and find trading methods, analytical techniques, or the laws of the market, in order to find ways to make a profit.

The first thing is to find yourself a forex broker (broker) so that you can challenge, get familiar with the forex environment, as well as participate in trading with a forex demo account, i.e. test trading. Although tried, but it is operating as real accounts, volatility, and profit increase/decrease as real.

Important criteria when choosing the best Forex broker

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In the forex market, there are many reputable forex brokers that you can sign up to open an account to trade. You need to note some of the following criteria to choose yourself the best forex broker:

How long is the broker’s operation time?

Should choose a broker with time over 4 or 5 years.

In what country is the main office broker?

Priority should be given to offices with offices in the US, Europe, or Australia!

brokertop10.com best forex broker in Thailand

What standard licenses does the operating broker have?

Priority to the standards of CFA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), ESMA (Europe), ASIC (Australia) …

Account type?

ECN, Standard, VIP, CENT, Pro accounts are available.

Is the Bid / Ask (Spreads) high or low?

Usually, on average the EU is 1.1 to 1.5 pips is reasonable. GOLD is mind 0.2 to 0.3 $

Are there commission fees (Commission)?

Most accounts of reputable brokers are No Commission when trading, except for ECN, STP accounts usually have Commission level of 5 to 10 $ / lot.

How is the Swap fees?

Swap fees are set by interbank, so usually, the swap level of brokers will be almost equal.

How to load/withdraw time?

Currently, brokers are loaded/withdrawn by Visa cards, NETTELLER e-wallet, SKRILL, etc. days when withdrawn, Thai QR Payment, Local bank, …)

Is there a fee for depositing/withdrawing?

Most of the current broker subject to withdrawal fees for customers, so customers do not lose fees when depositing/withdrawing.

Support – How to support customers?

Currently, the broker when developing customers in Thailand all have Thai language support, so it is also very convenient and easy for customers to contact.

What you should know about Exness Thailand and Exness Asia

With my experience, I would like to introduce to you 5 best forex brokers operating in Thailand. So you can choose a suitable broker for your trading plan.

List of the best Forex broker in ThaiLand

This is List of Prestigious Forex Exchanges in the forex market in Thailand, You will have the answer to the topic  about: โบรกเกอร์ forex ที่ดีที่สุด, โบรกเกอร์ forex ที่ดีที่สุดในโลก. Ok, Let’s explore !


Exness– Prestigious forex broker, King of Deposit / Withdraw

brokertop10.com best forex broker in Thailand


Exness is a broker with operational history since 2008, is one of the oldest brokers operating in Thai Lan. By February 2020, the customer’s monthly transaction volume reached the US $ 748.4 billion. And the number of active traders of exness worldwide has exceeded 50,342. Currently, the Exness Group offers over 120 financial trading products to the trade. With one of the best matching types on the market and super narrow spreads for major currency pairs. Exness is the best forex broker in Thailand.

Review exness broker : Here

Review Exness Thailand : Here

Exness continuously won the prestigious, transparent, and developed the best awards in the past years. Exness also won new titles in 2020: the most transparent forex broker company in 2020 and the global Forex broker of the year.

  • Exness’s office is located in Cyprus – the world-famous financial and foreign exchange center.
  • Operating licenses : Exness operates under the certificate of CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and UK FCA certification. These are 2 important certificates that all the largest brokers must-have.
  • Account types: Raw Spread, StandardZero account and Pro account,…. Exness is the forex broker that has the lowest swap, spreads, and transaction costs on the market.
  • Deposit/withdrawal method: Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Thai QR Payment, Local bank, … Exness is considered as King of deposit on the Thai Lan market. Because Exness has built an Auto (automatic) recharge system. Deposit/withdrawal via payment gateways: NETELLER, SKRILL are done almost immediately in both the withdrawal and deposit directions. Recharge withdrawal completely free of charge. Customers can recharge/withdraw 24/7 including Saturday and Sunday, day and night, all are out. This is something that no other broker in the world can do.

  • About support/customer support: Exness has a strong and very large native support team. Always ready to support customers 24/7. This is also an advantage of exness that traders like.
  • About trading: Exness has trading on MT4 / MT5 and the trading time from Monday to Friday for forex, gold, international stock. And 24/7 transactions (both Saturday and Sunday) for Coin pairs: Bitcoin, ETH, etc
  • High leverage ratio: Exness allows customers to trade with 1: 2000 leverage and Unlimited, enabling customers to trade scalp, surf fast, …

I have been dealing with exness since 2010 and still trading, so in terms of reputation, brand, and the safety of deposit/withdrawal, I think exness is great.

Open Exness Account Here

Fxpro – Prestigious forex broker, world-class broker brand.

brokertop10.com best forex broker in Thailand

Fxpro is a Broker founded in 2006 and has been involved in the Thai Lan market since 2010. Since its inception, FxPro has successfully expanded to serve retail and institutional customers in more than 150 countries. And Fxpro is still on the rise and development. Referring to Fxpro, it is referring to a monument in the forex world, because this is a world-class broker brand.

  • Fxpro’s office is located in  London Island (UK) – United Kingdom.
  • Operating licenses : FxPro UK Limited has been authorized and regulated by FCA since 2010. FxPro Financial Services Limited has been authorized and managed by CySEC since 2007. And by FSB since 2015. FxPro Global Markets MENA Limited is authorized and regulated managed by DFSA. FxPro Global Markets Limited is authorized and regulated by SCB.
  • Account types: Fxpro has many types of accounts: MT4, MT5, Ctrader.
  • Account management software is easy to use. The trading software is very good, there is no unusual phenomenon.
  • Depositing channels: Fxpro supports Thai traders with many quick and convenient deposit and withdrawal channels. And there is no fee such as Visa, Master Card, Neteller, Skrill,Thai QR Payment, Local bank, …… Deposit money into your account immediately. Withdrawals are usually processed very quickly, within 30 minutes.
  • Support Channel: Fxpro has a fast and enthusiastic local language support team. Staff is always available through the chat box in the lower right corner of the Website screen.
  • Leverage: 1: 500

Open Fxpro Account Here

XM – Prestigious and very famous forex broker in the world

XM Broker was established in 2009. With more than 2,500,000 customers since its inception, Trader comes from more than 100 countries, 25+ secure payment methods. Today, XM has grown to become a large and strong international investment company. Become a true market leader. With a terrible looking number on the internet. To see that XM very famous and popular in the world, XM is really a safe choice for your trading decision.

  • XM’s office is located in Cyprus – A world-famous financial and foreign exchange center. A prestigious address and home to many large foreign exchange brokers of the world.
  • Operating licenses: XM registers licenses in many countries and is managed by the standard: CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission – Cyprus); IFSC (International Financial Service Commission of Belize Republic); ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission – Australia); FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority – the United Kingdom).
  • Account types: XM has a full range of ECN and Standard accounts. Low transaction fees, low swap. The trading conditions are very stable.
  • Trading software: MT4, MT5 and have all applications on Desktop, iPhone, Android, …
  • Deposit/withdrawal method: Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Master Card,Thai QR Payment, Local bank, … Instant deposit, withdrawal within a few hours to the account.
  • Leverage: 1: 500

Open an XM Account Here

IC Markets – The world’s leading reputable Forex provider from Australia

IC Markets is a Broker specializing in ECN trading from Australia. The strength of this Broker is its superior technologies, partnering with the world’s leading liquidity providers to execute orders faster. IC Markets is a broker that many traders choose, because of fast trading and very good matching. Almost traders will not feel the latency when trading on IC markets. Icmarkets deserves the best forex broker in Thailand.

  • IC Markets’s office is located in Australia, a foreign exchange center of Asia – Australia, where many prestigious foreign exchange platforms of the world are concentrated.
  • Operating licenses: ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) operating license. FCA (United Kingdom).
  • Account types: ECN, Standard, cTrader.
  • About Spread : Low Spread.
  • Trading software : MT4, MT5, Ctrader has very stable trading, fast matching orders, almost no latency when trading. Icmarkets also offers the MAM / PAMM option, which allows account managers to optimize allocation and generate real-time performance reports.
  • Depositing/Withdraw Method:  Visa, Master Card, Skrill, Neteller,Thai QR Payment, Local bank, … deposit/withdrawal No fees. Deposit immediately. Withdrawal, if done before 9 am will be processed after 12 pm the same day. If withdrawal after 9 Am will be processed after 12 noon the next day. Perhaps, ICmarkets should change the time and withdrawal rules will be more perfect.
  • Local Support : English is leading, the Thai support team is less than other brokers. This is also not a strong point of ICmarkets, however, You can chat with the English support team, and request to meet Thai support, which can be written in English or  ThaiLand: “I want to chat with professionals. Thai people “, or:” I want to chat with support thai lan ” is that they will transfer their chat to Thai people to support you. If your English is good, at any time you can chat with the support team of IC Market 24/24 through the chat frame on the company website.

Open an IC Markets Account Here

Hotforex – The leading forex broker in forex trading since 2010

Hotforex was born in 2010, is a pioneer broker in creating trading solutions for customers such as PAMM fund or HF Copy service. Besides, Hotforex also organizes quite interesting contests and events for users. Hotforex deserves the best forex broker in Thailand

Review Hotforex broker : Here

  • Hotforex’ office :  is located in Cyprus, one of the world’s financial centers.
  • Operating licenses: Certifications and licenses: CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission); (FSB) Financial Services Board of South Africa; (FSC) Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.
  • Account types: ECN (Zero Spreads), Premium (Standard), VIP, Micro …
  • Leverage: from 1: 500 to 1: 1000, note: 1: 1000 leverage is only allowed to trade up to 5 lot.
  • Trading software : Trading software is very stable, you can feel secure trading. Professional and easy-to-use account management software.
  • Depositing/Withdraw Method: Main withdrawal channels for investors in Thailand: Visa, Skrill, Neteller,Thai QR Payment, Local bank, … Recharge available immediately. Withdrawals are processed daily at 12:00 noon and withdraw after 12:00 noon today, they will be processed after 12:00 noon the next day.
  • Customer support: Hotforex is a platform with a very good trader support team in Thailand. Thai staff is always available to help when you need any assistance.

Open Hotforex Account   Here




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