When you were a new trader, you often went to the internet to check if a good, reputable broker is not? Surely one thing when you check-up you will easily find reviews about brokers that maybe the good side may also be their downside. Exness too, you absolutely can come across a lot of reviews about them, how they have been solved problems. As for me and some other experienced traders, because nowadays, there are many articles that have the question: Is Exness good? Exness scam? Is Exness reliable?, I can assure you that Exness is completely trustworthy, Exness broker is a reliable broker. I will explain to you why Exness always wins the trust of customers:

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-Established in 2008, by a group of leading experts in finance and information technology.


-Exness is established and endorsed by the world’s leading agencies: Financial Services Agency (FSA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FCA). Besides, Exness is also licensed by regulators from Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany to be able to operate in these markets. At the same time, Exness is also a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

-Financial transparency: Exness financial statements are controlled by the auditing group Deloitte and posted on their own Website, customers can completely check their financial situation.

-Segregated funding: Exness working funds are more than $ 200 billion, they are 4 times larger than client funds and fully segregated from it, to ensure in any unfortunate incident, their customer account is still safe and they have enough capital to compensate their customers.

-In addition, with the bond from the FCA and participating in the ICF compensation fund, if the broker has a problem, they must compensate according to the regulations of these agencies. Over the past 12 years, there have been many big news and events that caused the currency’s price to drop thousands of pips, causing high slippage, price difference … And of course, most traders lost money. Only a handful of brokers compensated their clients and Exness is one of them. Exness compensated more than $ 15 million at the CHF event on January 15, 2015. They also made very compensation whenever there is a problem with their system such as the DDOS crash of 2016. This has created solid confidence among traders.

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Currently, Exness is considered as the exchange with the best trading conditions, with extremely attractive competitive costs. In order to attract customers to open accounts, they have many different types of accounts with extremely low costs. While other brokers charge between $ 7 – $ 10 per lot, Exness only charges $ 7. This is the lowest commission. They can charge the lowest commission because they are the largest retail forex broker (3/2019 trading volume over $ 720 billion). The larger the scale, the lower the cost.

– Low Spread fee: only 0.1 – 0.3 Pips. Exness spread is the lowest for 7 major currency pairs. Most of them are less than 1 pip. In a stable environment, they range from about 0.5 to 0.8 pips. Meanwhile, most other brokers charge around 1.7 pips.

-Attractive commission: some types of accounts with commission fee = 0, or from 7 USD. There are no other hidden fees to trade.

– Minimum deposit: 1 USD

– Infinite leverage: unlimited leverage, helping investors to maximize profits to seek profits.


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Is Exness reliable



-Exness is currently using the world’s most popular and optimized platforms, MT4 and MT5, with both desktop and mobile versions available.

-Besides, in March 2019 they launched an innovative Social Trading platform that allows new investors with no experience or lack of investment time to choose a successful Forex trader and copy their transactions. If that trader makes a profit, you also make a profit based on the ratio of your funds.

-Platforms for Robots: if you find a good robot you can ask Exness to provide you with a VPS to host them.




Previously, Exness only offered 4 main types of accounts: Cent account, Mini account, Classic account and ECN account. Today, to suit different needs of clients: Exness offers a wide range of accounts, including standard accounts for the novice, inexperienced traders and professional accounts for Experts, experienced traders trading with large volumes.


Exness Standard account:

-Low minimum deposit: only $ 1

-Spread fee – low price difference: only 0.3pip. Check Exness spreads  here

-Infinite leverage: unlimited leverage, helping investors make the most of their profits to seek profit. Read more about Exness Unlimited leverage  here

-No commissions and other hidden charges.

-Each trader can open unlimited accounts

-Easy to trade, you can trade now, open a standard Exness account HERE.


Exness Standard Cent account

This is the account best suited for the beginner trading on financial markets. Just 10 USD (10 USD = 10000 Cent) you can practice trading and experience all real trading conditions, especially minimizing the risk, the amount you lose will not larger than the account.

-Low minimum deposit: only $ 1

-Spread fee – low price difference: only 0.3pip

-Infinite leverage for MT4 software and 1: 2000 leverage for MT5 software.

-No commissions and other hidden charges.

-Easy to trade, you can trade now, open an Exness Stand Cent account HERE.


Exness Review – Professional account types of exness

These are the accounts that cater to the needs of experienced traders who trade in large volumes. Important point: super low spreads or even zero spreads, fast execution is great for surf traders, day traders and algorithm traders. In professional accounts, Exness also divided into 3 smaller account types: Raw Spread Account, Pro Account and Zero Account.


Exness Pro account

-Minimum deposit: 200 usd

-Spread Fee – low spreads: only 0.1 pips

-Infinite leverage: unlimited leverage applies to accounts under $ 1,000 and per transaction over 5 lots. For other types of accounts, the ratio is 1: 2000

-No commissions and other hidden charges.

-Each trader can open unlimited accounts.

-Diversified trading product: you can trade with 120 different currency pairs. In addition, you can also trade with products such as gold, silver, Bitcoin, Litecoin 99 …

-Merging 2 types of instant execution and inter-market order, better liquidity, favorable entry and exit orders.

Easy trading on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader platforms. Open an Exness Pro account HERE.

Is Exness reliable

Account Exness Zero (considered the best account today)

-Minimum deposit: 200 USD

-Spread Fee – zero spread over 95% of the trading day for 30 pairs.

-Max leverage: 1: 2000 (for accounts opened on MT5 platform) and 1: infinity (with accounts opened on MT4 platform).

-The commission fee for a 2-way lot is from 7 – 10 USD, depending on the type of trading product that has different commission fees.

-Each trader does not limit the number of accounts opened.

-Direct access to the interbank market

-Easy trading on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader platforms. Open an Exness Zero account HERE.


Exness Raw Spread account

-Minimum deposit: 200 USD

-Low Spread fee – zero.

-Max leverage: 1: 2000 (for accounts opened on MT5 platform) and 1: infinity (with accounts opened on MT4 platform).

-Commission Fee: USD 7 is the most competitive commission in the market.

-Each trader can open unlimited accounts

-Direct access to the interbank market.

-Free swap for customers from Muslim countries

-Easy trading on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader platforms. Open an Exness Raw Spread account HERE.

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-Exness uses the interbank system with the world’s major banks and reputable local banks to create the best liquidity conditions for its customers.

-The deposit / withdraw system is executed instantly and automatically, with no need for human intervention. This means that you can withdraw money on weekends and public holidays. Out of all the forex brokers, Exness’ withdrawal speeds are the fastest. If you have tried trading with other brokers, you will know how long it will take to withdraw funds. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons for traders to choose Exness.

See details of Exness deposit and withdrawal system here




Exness support team is always trained professionally to best for supporting customers. Currently, Exness office is present in more than 130 countries, Website is localized in more than 15 different languages. This is a favorable condition for customers who are not fluent in English and want more advice and support.


Is Exness reliable –  SUMMARY


With the advantages of Exness like this, I can fully trust and confidently tell you that Exness is the most reliable broker. They have many advantages to help you find profits whether you are a novice or the most experienced trader.

So, you can answer the question: Is Exness reliable? So what are you waiting for, please open a trading account with exness to experience it Here



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  1. […] Judging by the transparency and quality of signal providers on exness social trading, I find that Exness strategy is much better and safer, for trading purposes. On other social trading platforms, signal providers often aim to be at the top of the rankings and receive money from investors following their strategy. Therefore, they will do everything they can to deceive investors, as well as use many dishonest strategies to deceive investors, until their account is at a loss, they will again. Create another signal account to find new customers. Check if Exness has scams. […]

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