There wasn’t any organization that has confirmed Exness as the best broker Forex. But the information and data are announced from Deloitte auditing company that is one of the 4 largest auditing companies in the world show that Exness is a famous company. They are also the largest retail foreign exchange broker in the world. In 2019, their number of transaction increase more 33% and reach 5131 Billions USD. This number of transactions is the dream number of most other retail foreign exchange brokers in the world.

best broker forex

On average, with 52,000 customers trading in Exness monthly and they generate $ 427B per month. So you can see that almost their customers are major traders. Their customers are the professional traders and average transactions of $ 8.2 million monthly. So why the professional traders like Exness? Because their platform is suitable for major traders who prefer low spread and fast execution speed. I will introduce you to what professional traders like most in Exness.

Best Broker Forex : Exness is the first broker to offer instant deposit and withdrawal .

Is exness a good forex broker ? Yes, Exness is the best broker, They owns an automated system that handles deposits and withdraws. This is the first foreign exchange broker in the world to build and deploy this model.
It is great that you can receiver the money after a few seconds with Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney. Each country will have a link to transfer its money. You can withdraw/ deposit money through a variety of methods and all of them are automated without human intervention. Therefore, the speed of depositing and withdrawing money is the fastest. See Exness deposit and withdraw details here.


Depositing and withdrawing can be done 24/7 even on Saturday and Sunday, which almost no broker can deploy.

See deposit and withdraw money at  exness broker registration in detail here.

Best Broker Forex: Exness offers low spread and lowest commission.

Operating under the standards set by the FCA, Exness offers both regular forex and ECN accounts with low spreads.

ECN account: Spreading almost zero. They just charge $ 2.5 per lot. This is the lowest commission level in the market. Normally, with the brokers, the commission of the ECN account is about from 10 to 100 dollars, even up from 50 to 100 dollars per lot. Some small brokers also include the difference and commission. This is the reason why big trader choose to trade Exness ECN account on Exness. They choose Exness because Exness helps them with cost-saving. They can save til 5000 dollars if they trade on average $ 100 million monthly. because, Exness is the best broker.

Ordinary account: Exness provides to retail traders 4 types of accounts. There are Cent, Standard, Pro, and Raw Spread.

  • Cent account :

    This is the most suitable for a newbie who wants to practice with a true account and a small deposit. For Exness Cent account, traders only need to deposit $ 5 and they will receive 500 USC in their account. This USC 500 is similar to $ 500 but 100 times lower. So, with just a $ 5 deposit, they can experience the actual trading.

Open Cent account Here

  • Standard account :

    80% of customers choose Exness Standard account because of its advantages such as: Low spread (from 0.3 pips), high leverage (unlimited leverage), low minimum deposits ( 1 $), low minimum transactions (0.01 lots).

Open Exness Standard account Here

  • Pro Account :

    This account is Account of professional trader . To open a Exness Pro account, customers must deposit at least $ 200. Pro accounts spread much lower than the Standard from 0.1 pips.

Open Exness Pro account   Here

  • Raw Spread Account :

Exness Raw Spread Account ! Account of professional trader

  • This account is the lowest spread type (EU, UJ = 0), Other symboy will have low spread, there will be a commission of $ 3.50 per lot. To open a Raw Spread account, customers must deposit at least $ 200.

Open Exness Raw Spread account   Here

  •  Exness Zero Account :

This account is a new product of exness Broker. Exness Zero Account has symboy with zero spread, or spread almost zero. with leverage 1:2000 and 1: unlimit . This type of account is really a special account and is currently very popular among traders around the world.

Open Exness Zero account   Here


So what are you waiting for, please open a trading account with exness broker registration to experience it   Here

Exness offers highest leverage – unlimited leverage.

Exness is the only broker to deploy unlimited leverage. Normally, Exness leverage, 1: 2000 ratio but for accounts less than $ 1,000 and traded more than 5 lots, they can use unlimited leverage. Unlimited traps is nothing special? If you use unlimited leverage, your margin ratio will be zero. This will give you an advantage over your orders, as you will have an additional free margin to keep your orders safer. . More unlimited leverage detail   here


The best broker forex about local support teams

Exness broker has a very good customer support team. Customer support 24/7, with lots of communication languages. A live chat site is a support channel where you can get answers about all relevant information. The sales team is also available to assist you after you have signed up for an account, they are always ready to help you with transactions and operations. That’s why big traders prefer to trade at exness, Because they are the best broker forex.

 Check Exness contacts.


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