HotForex is growing strongly, thanks to the experience in the market, professional trading system, they are increasingly appreciated by the trading community. In particular, this exchange always offers bonus policies that attract high trading customers, and are always trusted and loved by traders. we will begin check Bonus of hotforex.
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HotForex 100% Credit bonus program

Bonus of hotforex

in order to expand the market as well as attract more traders, they created this program and at the same time it is considered an extremely attractive program for new customers. Trading at HotForex

Subjects may receive a bonus

All customers register for an account at HotForex for the first time.
Accounts can join the program: Micro, Premium, Islamic, Fix account.

How to join the program

First, customers must open one of the following account types: Micro, Premium, Islamic, Fix account to be eligible for the program.
Next, you deposit the money you just opened

Program awards

Customers will receive 100% of deposit value, minimum USD 100 / EUR 100 / 30,000 NGN
The maximum reward for each account is 30,000 USD / 25,000 EUR / 3,000,000 NGN
If the customer has multiple accounts, the bonus in all accounts cannot exceed 150,000 USD / 150,000 EUR / 10,000,000 NGN.

Conditions apply

While trading, used to increase leverage, traders must not lose losses on the bonus.
The minimum deposit to receive the bonus is $ 100
Only applicable to Micro, Premium, Islamic, FIX accounts.
Note that orders whose spread is less than 3 pips are not included in the trading volume.

Conditions for bonus withdrawal

The bonus may be withdrawn if it is eligible for trading volume. Bonus total / 2 = Standard lot number For example, if you deposit $ 500 and receive $ 500 bonus, when you trade all 250 lots, you will have the right to withdraw $ 500 bonus.
The program does not limit the time you have to complete the trading volume. When there is enough trading volume, you must send an email to the trading platform to request a bonus withdrawal. If you do not claim the bonus, after 3 months from the date of eligibility, you will forfeit your reward.
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100% SuperCharged Bonus Program

Bonus of hotforex

Subjects may receive a bonus

All customers trading at HotForex
For FIX, Premium and Islamic account types

How to join the program

Open trading accounts: FIX, Premium and Islamic and register the program
Deposit money into your account

Program awards:

100% of the deposit value, minimum 250 USD / 75,000 NGN
The maximum reward value that customers can reach is USD 50,000 / 30,000 EUR / NGN 3,000,000.

Conditions of application:

Used to increase leverage, not lose money on bonuses
Each customer is only allowed to register one account to receive this type of bonus.
The minimum deposit is $ 250
Applied on Premium, Islamic, FIX and Currenex accounts
Each customer can only have up to 1 account to receive this bonus
The bonus will not be withdrawn, however, if the transaction qualifies for daily trading volume, the customer will receive a rebate the next morning, Vietnam time.
Conditions to receive rebate: the total number of lots traded is greater than or equal to 2.5 lots and the order must be from 0.2 lots
Each lot of customer trades will get Hotforex rebate $ 2.
Orders below 1 minute are not counted and trading volume, orders from 1 minute to less than 2 minutes are charged 50% rebate.

Conditions for bonus withdrawal

Bonuses and refunds are not withdrawn. But clients can withdraw trading profits from bonuses or refunds.

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Should Traders trade and receive Bonus at HotForex

Undeniably, HotForex is increasingly strong and gaining the trust of experienced traders, I will give you a few reasons why choosing the best hotforex trading is:

  • To suit many different trading styles of Traders, at HotForex they own their own strong trading platform, providing a variety of trading accounts, with features suitable for all levels. customer transaction level.
  • More than 150 trading products at HotForex will be a great opportunity for traders to diversify their portfolio, maximize their return on investment.
  • HotForex offers super fast, safe and easy deposit methods for all traders.
  • In the process of dealing with unavoidable troubles, HotForex has a professional staff ready to assist customers quickly, in 27 different languages, to ensure customers do not miss the opportunity. trading association.
  • In particular, understanding the needs of its customers, the HotForex team regularly launches bonus programs for loyal customers, cash bonuses, cashback bonuses, deposit bonuses, etc. This creates favorable conditions for traders who have just entered the market, want to get acquainted with new exchanges or have limited capital to carry out transactions without losing too much cost.


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