When joining the Forex Market, trader have to clearly understand about Swap. Not giving any attention to this fee, you’ll lost your money without knowing the reason. For example, you are gaining profits but your account balance is negative, the reason for this deduction may be caused by the Swap fee. Sometimes your trade account don’t have enough money after paying all fee, which will turn your account color into RED instead of GREEN. So what is Swap fee? Anh how to calculate it? and you will check exness swap.

What is swap?

In Foreign exchange, we trade in currency pairs, meaning each currency will have different interest. Keeping a currency pair overnight, traders have to pay or multiply the two different interests. If you are buying a currency with a higher interest rate than the one you are borrowing, you will earn an interest (according to your Forex rule). And you will have to pay on the contrary.

How to calculate swap on Exness?

Beginning to charge at midnight of the day (according to your forex time). If you want to check how the currency pair fee being calculated, you can view on our Forex website. Another way to check the fee, you can use our Mt4 tool, just click on the currency pair then choose “symbol element”, you will see 2 line: “overnight fee for buying order” and “overnight fee for selling order”, these two fee are the swap fee that you pay or earn for every night.

Can you read review exness

So when you consider a broker, such as Exness, you should pay attention to their swap to see if it suits your trading tactics.

exness swap

Especially, exchanges will charge X3 for swap fee at 0AM on every Thursday, you need to give attention to this for overnight order decisions. Charging swap fee on the Wednesday will be X3 in return for the closed market on Saturday and Sunday.

Swap fee show that each currency pair will be calculated according to 1 standard lot. For example, EUR/USD pair in the picture below, even the buy order is -11.2811 $ / lot, the sell order is 3.7737 $ / lot. That means for every 1 lot trade overnight you will lose $ 11.2811 on the buy order and will be added 3.7737 on your sell orders. The more transaction you make the more money is reducted from your account. In particular, on Wednesday of every week this swap fee will be X3, it mean that instead of just deducting $ 1.2811, you will be deducted $11.2811 × 3 = $ 33.633.

exness swap



Swap at Exness

Swap is applied for various tools, in accordance with the Contract specifications. To calculate the amount of swap that applies to the particular parameters of a transaction, you can use the Trader’s calculator. The following table sets out full details as to how swap is applied to accounts at Exness.

Exness free swap fee account

The special thing is that Exness has created a free exchange account for residents of Muslim countries. This type of account does not have swap fees, customers using this type of account will not be charged swap, swap fee will be zero in all customer’s transactions           This type of account will be automatically activated: Exness’s censorship system will automatically identify which customers are residents of the Islamic country by reviewing documents provided by customers such as: passport, contact phone number, personal information of customers …Some notice when using a free Swap fee account : custom mustn’t abuse of free swap program to profiteering interest rate differences of currencies. Exness have its right to immediately cancel all  the status on all client’s trading accounts without prior notice and will charge swap to that customer’s account, including the entire period of time the client has used ‘free swap’ status.

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