If you are a new trader, you are probably now struggling to find yourself the best broker to start trading with. That was my self more than 9 years ago, I also started searching the internet to search for the starting keywords: “the best broker?”, “the best broker forex“, “The most reputable broker? “,” Which broker is suitable for beginners? “… and like friends I completely trusted in advertising offers on the Internet, then I started to create an account, deposit money and move forward. After a lot of time, I finally find a suitable broker for me. In fact, it is not easy to find the best broker, each of them will have a different trading strategy, you can only find a broker that suits your trading style. After more than 9 years of trading with many different brokers, I will share with you my experience about a broker that is suited for you to save you time to find a suitable broker, whether you are a novice or an experienced trader.And it is the broker Exness.

Now, after more than 12 years of establishment, continuous operation and development, Exness is being voted the best foreign exchange broker by experienced traders. I will explain to you why Exness is always trusted and voted by traders:

Exness review 2020 – why traders should trade at exness


Here are the criteria to evaluate forex broker as the best today, myself after more than 9 years of participation in the Forex market and of professional traders have summarized:

Reliable Transaction costs Trading conditions Local service
Operation license Low spreads Good exchange rate Payment System
Development history Low commissions Trading platform Local office
Low price slippage  Low swap Availability
Good refund / bonus

Based on these criteria, Exness is the best broker for me.


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This 12 year old broker is loved and appreciated by most traders. So far, their offerings have proven to be very good. Whenever I consult with my trading friends about Exness, here are the most common answers:

 Instant payment system    Check out the Exness payment system .  
  Unlimited leverage    Check out Exness leverage .
Low spreads    Check the Exness spreads .
Good price for reference    Check Price of Exness .


Millions of traders around the world have trusted Exness as an investment service provider and they have chosen Exness because:

Operation license

Exness is established and endorsed by the world’s leading agencies:

-Financial Services Agency (FSA)

-Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

-Financial Services Authority (FCA)

Besides, Exness is also licensed by regulators from Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany to be able to operate in these markets. At the same time, Exness is also a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

Check out Exness’ license here.

Operation history

Founded in 2008, by groups of financial and information technology professionals.

In 2015, Exness became the world’s largest retail forex broker, and by the beginning of 2020 their total trading volume had reached $ 785 billion.

Over the past 12 years, there have been many big news and events that have caused the currency’s price to drop thousands of pips, causing high slippage, price spread … And of course, most traders lose money. Only a few brokers compensate their clients and Exness is one of them. They paid more than $ 15 million in compensation during the CHF event on January 15, 2015. They also compensated a lot whenever there was a problem with their system like the 2016 DDOS crash.


Separate account

Some traders say that the Exness forex broker is rich. And It’s correct. Exness has always kept its user accounts separate from customers’ accounts, they have about $ 200 million in separate bank accounts. This amount is 4 times larger than the total amount deposited by the customer and will be used to compensate the customer in case of problems.

Financial transparency


This is the factor that increases Exness’ reputation among Traders without any broker surpassing Exnees broker. Transparency is important because you can check your broker’s finances to make sure it’s safe for your trading so that other Traders trust thousands of thousands of dollars to trade. and you can check Exness financial reports on their own Website. Besides, if they find anything disturbing from your account, they will close that account. That shows how committed Exness is in terms of security.


Check out Exness financial statements here.






On the Forex market today, brokers are many but finding one with low Spread costs and low commissions is very rare. With almost all other brokers’ account types, if the commission is low then the Spread fee will be high, the broker will take this fee to maintain the company’s growth. But at Exness, on the other hand, in order to attract customers to open accounts, they have many different types of accounts with extremely low costs. While other brokers charge between $ 7 – $ 10 per lot, Exness only charges $ 7. This is the lowest commission. They can charge the lowest commission as they are the largest retail forex broker. The larger the scale, the lower the cost. For example:

With Exness Standard Cent account, Standard accounts the Spreads are very low and zero commissions, and there are no other hidden fees. Besides, for professional accounts: their Spread fee is 0, or just 0.1pip. There is a very competitive commission fee of about 7 USD / lot.

I have created many accounts at all the brokers with the lowest spreads to compare their spreads. I find that Exness spread is the lowest for 7 major currency pairs. Most of them are less than 1 pip. In a stable environment, they range from about 0.5 to 0.8 pips. Great, because most other brokers charge around 1.7 pips. Exness crypto spreads are also the lowest. They only charge around $ 3 / cent for Bitcoin transactions, $ 0.01 for Ripple, and $ 0.5 for ETH.

Furthermore, Exness does not charge swap fees for cryptocurrency trading. Swaps are part of the spread. So that’s why I can say their crypto spread is the best.


Start trading cryptocurrencies with Exness today. Click here .



As I mentioned above, Exness offers its clients a wide variety of accounts:

Exness Standard account:

-Low minimum deposit: only $ 1

-Spread fee – low price difference: only 0.3pip

-Infinite leverage: unlimited leverage, helping investors make the most of their profits to seek profit.

-No commissions and other hidden charges.

-Each trader can open unlimited accounts

-Easy to trade, you can trade now, open a standard Exness account HERE.

Exness Standard Cent account

This is the account best suited for the beginner trading on financial markets. Just 10 USD (10 USD = 10000 Cent) you can practice trading and experience all real trading conditions, especially minimizing the risk, the amount you lose will not larger than the account.

-Low minimum deposit: only $ 1

-Spread fee – low price difference: only 0.3pip

-Infinite leverage for MT4 software and 1: 2000 leverage for MT5 software.

-No commissions and other hidden charges.

-Easy to trade, you can trade now, open an Exness Stand Cent account HERE.

Exness Review – Professional account types of exness

These are the accounts that cater to the needs of experienced traders who trade in large volumes. Important point: super low spreads or even zero spreads, fast execution is great for surf traders, day traders and algorithm traders. In professional accounts, Exness also divided into 3 smaller account types: Raw Spread Account, Pro Account and Zero Account.

Exness Pro account

-Minimum deposit: 200 usd

-Spread Fee – low spreads: only 0.1 pips

-Infinite leverage: unlimited leverage applies to accounts under $ 1,000 and per transaction over 5 lots. For other types of accounts, the ratio is 1: 2000

-No commissions and other hidden charges.

-Each trader can open unlimited accounts.

-Diversified trading product: you can trade with 120 different currency pairs. In addition, you can also trade with products such as gold, silver, Bitcoin, Litecoin 99 …

-Merging 2 types of instant execution and inter-market order, better liquidity, favorable entry and exit orders.

Easy trading on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader platforms. Open an Exness Pro account HERE.

Account Exness Zero (considered the best account today)

-Minimum deposit: 200 USD

-Spread Fee – zero spread over 95% of the trading day for 30 pairs.

-Max leverage: 1: 2000 (for accounts opened on MT5 platform) and 1: infinity (with accounts opened on MT4 platform).

-The commission fee for a 2-way lot is from 7 – 10 USD, depending on the type of trading product that has different commission fees.

-Each trader does not limit the number of accounts opened.

-Direct access to the interbank market

-Easy trading on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader platforms. Open an Exness Zero account HERE.

Exness Raw Spread account

-Minimum deposit: 200 USD

-Low Spread fee – zero.

-Max leverage: 1: 2000 (for accounts opened on MT5 platform) and 1: infinity (with accounts opened on MT4 platform).

-Commission Fee: USD 7 is the most competitive commission in the market.

-Each trader can open unlimited accounts

-Direct access to the interbank market.

-Free swap for customers from Muslim countries

-Easy trading on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader platforms. Open an Exness Raw Spread account HERE.




Whether you are an extender or a long term trader, Exness has the right forex account for you. If you are looking for short-term small profits based on market volatility, you should try Exness Standard Cent or Standard account. They have super low spreads and fast execution, matching the speed of your trade. If you are interested in long term profits you can use Pro account or Exness Zero account. They have low commissions, zero spread, and very low swaps.


Local professional support team


Exness is the largest forex corporation today, they have 5 official offices in Cyprus, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and other offices in more than 130 countries, their website is more localized with15 different languages. In particular, in Asia, their support group is based in Malaysia. They support many languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa, Arabic, Urdu and Vietnamese … They support 24/7 for customers when having problems and detailed instructions when you’re a beginner who wants to start trading. You can contact them via Email, live chat, messenger …


See Exness office address



exness at Thailand

Currently, in Asia, Exness is the biggest broker, they provide the best payment system because they are focusing on this area. Especially for China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan. In these countries, merchants can send money with local banks, transfer over the internet, mobile payments, e-wallets, CC, and more. The good thing is that if traders use local payment methods, Exness will pay 100% of the transaction fees and they can get better exchange rates. For traders who are not in these countries, they can use Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill … There are many different payment methods that are the best option for them, as Exness does not charge any deposit and withdrawal fees.


Check out the Exness payment system



If your connection is fast and with exness system you only need less than 1 minute to process the deposit or withdrawal of a request, you can also deposit and withdraw even on Sundays and holidays.




-Trader can deposit/withdraw by using local payment methods in most countries.

-Exness does not charge a fee for any international payment by the customer.

-The deposit / withdraw system is executed instantly and automatically, with no need for human intervention.

-Exness does not limit the withdrawal amount.

-The amount you withdraw must be in accordance with the proportions of your deposit methods. For example, if you deposit $ 500 with Skrill and $ 500 with Netteller, you must withdraw 50% of your funds with Skrill and the remaining 50% through Netteller.


Open a FREE account at Exness now




In March 2019, Exness launched its advanced social trading platform. It is the best tool for investors who do not have too much time for forex trading. On this platform, you can choose a successful forex trader and copy their trades. If that trader makes a profit, you also make a profit based on the ratio of your funds.






Usually for other brokers and even Exness many years ago when big news came, slippage and gap came too. But now this situation has been significantly improved by Exness, by improving their server system, they also provide free VPS support for most of their customers to improve connection speed. This shows that Exness always cares about the client’s trading experience and slippage is less common now.

exness at Thailand




Rates at Exnees are considered to be the best, as they partnered with 4 different liquidity providers, then they picked the best exchange rate among these liquidity providers. The exchange rates of exchanges are different because they get them from different liquidity providers. And exchange rates in Exness are good and stable because they optimize the

buying process.




With the server system getting better and better, this helps the client’s order-entry speed happen quickly and the best market execution.




Exness offers Swap-free accounts for customers in Muslim countries, and some clients can get Swap-free for crypto trading.




If you find a good robot you can absolutely request a free VPS from Exness for storage, you can install any EA you want.




If you are a new investor or do not have a lot of time to trade you can join using Exness SOCIAL TRADING, this platform allows you to copy the trading strategies of professional traders. If that trader makes a profit, you also make a profit based on the ratio of your funds.


Check out the Exness trading platforms here




The last thing I want to share with you today is my trading experience with Exness:

-The difference in the daytime is lower than that of night. Most of you probably don’t know this. So, if possible, trade more during the day.

-The Cent and Standard spreads are nearly the same.

-You should open a highly leveraged Exness account and trade low leverage positions. Open a high leverage account to minimize margin. Open small positions to avoid risks.

-Cryptocurrency trading conditions are the best.

-You should deposit and withdraw by local banks/methods. It’s free.




After many years of trusting and choosing Exness as a partner, I can confidently tell you that Exness is the broker you should work with, they are backed by reputable agencies and the best compensation policies. for customers. If something goes wrong, your account will still be safe or you will be compensated by their large, separate policies and funding. This rating is also tested and approved by many professional forex traders in the market.



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